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Schalburg, Ernst
(1888 - n.a.)

Ernst Schalburg is a Danish businessman based in London who is in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. In the last part of the war, he is in charge of the Danish recruitment office in London.

Ernst Schalburg is born on 25 February 1888 in Nyborg, Denmark. He is the son of Christian Frederik Schalburg and Augusta Schalburg (née Jørgensen). He immigrates to Russia to work, but finally settles in United Kingdom; Birmingham in 1911 and later London setting up an Import company, Schalburg & Co., Ltd. in London. In 1912 he marries Beatrice Ridgway in 1912 in the parish of Kings Norton (Birmingham). They are divorced in 1921. He marries Marion G Watson in 1922.

He is the father of Charles Peter Ernest Schalburg who is a pilot in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

A Complex Family Situation

Interestingly, Ernst Schalburg is uncle of one of the most well-known Danish Waffen-SS Officers Christian Frederik von Schalburg, who is killed in 1942 when commanding the Danish Freecorps Denmark in battle in Russia. At some point during the war he is wrongly under suspicion of having been in contact with the German intelligence, because of his family connections.

In Royal Air Force service

During the Second World War Ernst Schalburg volunteers for the Royal Air Force, and is promoted to Flying Officer (RAFVR, 115513). I have little information on his wartime service. During the service he is, according to my information, attached to an Air Sea Rescue unit operation in the English Channel and at some point he is adjutant to a squadron in the Oxford area flying operations to Murmansk. Apart from this, I have at this point no further information on his service.

From May 1944 he is in charge of the Danish recruitment office in London.

After the War

Immediately after the war, he is responsible for the enlistment of 2.500 Danes to the British forces in 1945-1948.

Ernst Schalburg remains in United Kingdom after the war.

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