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Sonnichsen, André Knud
(1903 - 1951)

André Knud Sonnichsen enlists for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941, and becomes master of a RCAF Marine Craft. I have little information on his service though.

André Knud Sonnichsen is born in Sønderho on the Island of Fanø, Denmark, on 1 December 1903. He is the son of butcher Sonnich J. Sonnichsen (b. 1877) and Anne Sonnichsen (b. 1877). At the outbreak of war in Europe he is living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

He enlists for the Royal Canadian Air Force in Halifax on 11 July 1941. He is master of a RCAF Marine Craft “Beaver” and carries out difficult tasks. An assignment onboard the supply ship “Beaver” is considered the most difficult by himself. On a trip to and from Iceland, he narrowly escapes being dashed against a 300-foot cliff when caught in an ice field near Newfoundland.

André Knud Sonnichsen is Mention in Despatches 1 January 1944.

(;; A K Sonnichsen)

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