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Nielsen, Børge
(1916 - 1945)

Børge Nielsen volunteers for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and is trained as Wellington pilot operating in the Mediterranean. He survives the war, but is killed in October 1945 in a flying accident while still in service.

Børge Nielsen is born on 16 January 1916. He is the son of Niels Mogens Nielsen and Marie Nielsen of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have no further information on the background of Børge Nielsen so far, but he volunteers for service in the Royal Air Force (163012, RAFVR) and is trained as bomber pilot during the war. He is promoted to Flying Officer.

On 12 February 1945 he is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the citation mentions numerous operational sorties in Rumania, Hungary, Southern Austria, Yugoslavia and Greece. An attack on the oil refinery at Ploesti in August 1944 is emphasized.

As cited in Ancker (2001) the documents suggest that he is attached to No. 194 Squadron at that point. While this may be true, it seems odd as this squadron is operating Douglas DC-3 Dakotas in Burma in 1945. Involvement in the Ploesti operations would suggest that Børge Nielsen had been part of No. 205 Group, Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force. A possibility is that Børge Nielsen was attached to No. 104 Squadron, operating Wellingtons at the time, and not No. 194 Squadron.

Børge Nielsen survives the war, but is tragically killed in a flying accident at Capadichino, Italy, on 16 October 1945. At this point in time Børge Nielsen attached to the Mediterranean & Middle East Communication Squadron. He is flying a Wellington X (LP803) when the port engine fails because of a problem with one of its cylinders. In an attempt to carry out an emergency landing, the aircraft stalls and dives into the ground. Børge Nielsen is buried at the Naples War Cemetery (IV. M. 13.).

Apart from Børge Nielsen further eight men are killed in the accident. Pilot and F/L Walter Paul Clifford, Sgt. Donald Charles Bird, W/C James Henry Browning Blake, MBE, LAC Geoffrey Hodgett, AC1 Walter James Jackson, S/L Reginald Albert Steele, W/O and F/Sgt. Derek Thomas Burrell and LAC George Wilkinson.

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