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Since, it was the my interest in the aircraft of the Second World War that got it all started, part of the site is devoted to aircraft; or more precisely, the aircraft operated by Danes during the war.

A database of aircraft

The site includes a database of aircraft known to have been flown by Danes. For the time being I have included all aircraft that operational records states were operated by Danish pilots or had a Danish crew member.

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The aircraft are listed by type (e.g. Spitfire), then by version (e.g. Mark Vb), and finally by each individual aircraft.

Primarily RAF aircraft

RAF records are the main source of information on operational issues. Hence, the aircraft that are included on this site are mainly RAF aircraft, even though many missions were carried out by Danish pilots in Luftwaffe, the Finnish Air Force etc.

I hope to be able to improve this at some point, but for obvious reasons operational on Luftwaffe operations are scarce.

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